Logistics planning, managing and controlling of procedures

For years we have made agreements with customers about the routines for installation and installation that we take care of with our Field Service Engineers. The recurring question from the customers turned out to be how we could safeguard these routines. Since 2010 we have made a Smart Field App available for this with workflow management.

Precision via our Smart Field Service App

For this same reason there is a check at the end of each step during the implementation, in our Smart Field Service App with workflow management. In this way, your routine is enforced, and we guarantee your logistics and installation processes. With our business card, we report on successful completion, and you can view deviations clearly.

Only after a successful completion the process can be continued. This means that if the field engineer has not followed the correct sequence of the procedure, he will not be able to see his next work address. We also continually monitor the entire process in order to quickly spot abnormalities and intervene if necessary.

Beheren en beheersen van logistieke procedures

We welcome challenges

A major customer of ours called us to ask if we were willing to become their new logistic partner for Belgium as soon as possible. Eight weeks later everything was already running smoothly, including thousands of pieces of equipment in stock, Belgian customer services, planners, phone scripts, trucks and field service engineers.

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