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Rollema is specialized in the logistics, installation and maintenance of equipment. We often deal with large, heavy objects that are sometimes fragile, have to be moved through narrow spaces, need to be installed in places that are hard to get to or require specialist knowledge. And that’s what gets us excited!


Vending machines

We transport, install and service a wide selection of vending machines such as: food and drink vending machines, 24 hour medication dispensers, bottle recycling machines, hot and cold vending machines and more.

Do you want your device to be ready to use when we leave? We can take care of stocking it with products and change, after our installation.

Ticket machines and access systems

With the design of this equipment in mind, we have developed specific means of transportation to get the access systems to the railway stations. These means of transportation also allow us to position the entry gates across the anchors.


Multi-function ATM’s

From the drawing and specifications right up to the operational test, the location and function of the multi-function ATM’s are taken into account. For security reasons, warehousing and pre-staging take place on a separate network.

Safes and vaults

We are highly experienced in transporting and anchoring different kinds of safes and vaults. As market leader, Rollema is the only installer to be a member of VGW and ESSA. These professional organizations are responsible for standardizing and certifying safes. We assist the VGW in determining the standard for anchoring. Our model has 5 options for professionally anchoring cash dispensers and safes under almost all circumstances.


Healthcare equipment

For specific healthcare equipment we have developed our own means of transportation. We can also remove used medical hardware and equip laboratories.

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Office printers are configured in our workshop, by our technicians or by the supplier, to the specifications of the receiver. We work for all links in the supply chain: manufacturers, importers, distributors, resellers and end users.

Equipment for data centers

Data centers are filled with fragile, heavy equipment that requires careful handling, especially during relocation. This is why we minimize the likelihood of shocks to safeguard the equipment and data. We can help with UPS systems, PDU panels, data storage systems, server cabinets, data center cooling systems, telecommunication cabinets as well as linking and adjusting cubes and cooling alleys.


Fitness equipment

We install, transport and provide maintenance for fitness equipment. In the Benelux we are providing this service to Technogym. All parts of the equipment are delivered in separate packages, so it’s essential that we make sure these packages end up together and in the same place.


It is important to avoid damage when hanging or setting up art on location. This is why we use special, soft hoisting slings and wear gloves whenever required. Our nearly endless supply of hoisting possibilities and gantry cranes offer solutions that are not available elsewhere.


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