Logistics for
data centres

Logistics for data centres down to the last details

Moving or provisioning a data centre is specialized work. Moving or relocating sensitive, heavy equipment is a job that requires care. At Rollema we have years of experience in data centre logistics and we know how to move your equipment and data safely. 

Logistiek voor datacenters

Data centre experience

When setting up a data centre, we at Rollema have experience with: 

- Data centre cooling 
- UPS systems 
- Power distribution panels 
- Data storage systems 
- Server cabinets 
- Telecommunication cabinets 
- Linking and setting up cubes and construction of cold aisles. 

Never worry again

about your data centre logistics

When it comes to logistics and setting up data centres, it is important that we continue to monitor the project in terms of progress. It is important that the team coordinates itself, respects deadlines and, if necessary, consults with the project manager. Reports must also be submitted to the client's project manager.  In some cases, parts of the work are prepared in our workshop. For example, 19" racks are fitted with the desired infrastructure and equipment in our workshop, so that they are already installed when being moved to the data centre. 

Transport equipment for data centres

We have a wide range of tools and equipment at our disposal. Transport can be carried out using a vehicle with tailgate, crane and various types of bodywork, open and closed. We also have transport equipment and tools to place equipment very precisely, adjust frames and to anchor frames. All kinds of tools are available in our installation trucks. These include a traction winch, chain hoist, stair robot, electric pallet jack, hand pallet jacks, hydraulic lifting equipment, protective plates and packaging material for protection. 

We have developed our own special transport equipment for a number of industries. For example, a hydraulic lifting device, to safely lift cabinets up to 4 tonnes to a height of 1 metre. Let us know what your challenge is, and we will find a solution. 

Technische gecertificeerde collega's

Proud of our technical colleagues

The people at Rollema are used to working with different machines and, in addition to experience, have a completed technical training complemented by SCC and professional competence for the logistics sector (code 95). Many of our colleagues have a TCVT crane certificate or a certificate for a telescopic handler. We are proud of our people! 

Cost-effective and short-paced logistics for data centres

For assignments within the Benelux, Rollema Patrans has its own network for technical logistics. Within the network we can execute transport cost-effectively, by combining different assignments.  

An example for a device relocation from your data centre in Groningen to Venlo: We pick up the device in Groningen on day one with a last-mile-service vehicle and bring it to the nearest hub. With a shuttle truck, the device is taken to the central warehouse, transhipped and brought to the hub in Zuid-Nederland that night. From this hub, a last-mile-service vehicle is used for the relocation of the device to Venlo. 

Do you prefer a dedicated transport where the device is moved the same day? That is also possible!

Full-service support

The focus at Rollema is on logistics, installation and maintenance of various devices. Large, heavy, fragile and difficult-to-reach places, we are ready for any challenge. 

Thus, we at Rollema take care of:

  • Warehousing of your equipment (inbound and registration, storage and outbound) 
  • Technical workshop service (modifications, assembly, software loading, configuration, refurb, junking and customer-finish or pre-installation), 
  • Last-mile service (transport, configuration and installation)  

Have a look at our cases and get in touch!

Curious? Contact us or challenge us. See also our working method and specialist approach.

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