Transport, installation and configuration of printers

Rollema is the specialist for the last mile service of printers, for office printers as well as digital presses. We have the transport equipment and tools to place and commission the printer. This includes connecting to the network, configuring and setting up the machine with IP address, host name, load settings, fax, e-mail, location data, access security, SNMP, cloud apps and scanning solution as appropriate. In the return process we can offer cleansing, refurb, scrapping and junking. 

Gently (re)moving your printers

Moving and commissioning fragile and sensitive machines is something we are good at. For example, we have special transport pallets to "lock up" printers so that they are secure all around during the journey without any straps causing unwanted pressure on the housing. 

Lifting cages, special printer pallets, cranes, winches, hoists, stair robots, electric pallet jacks, hand pallet jacks, hydraulic lifting devices, protective plates and packaging material. These are used to move large, fragile or heavy printers with extreme care and gentleness.

Repromat printer plaatsen bij van Dorp Installaties

Rollema - your printer transportation expert

Our service area covers the Benelux, so even if you do business in Belgium, you can contact us for technical distribution or White Glove Deliveries / Service. It may be interesting to know that we have had a valuable partnership with Ricoh Belgium under the name Patrans since 1984. 


Need advice?

Curious about the cost of your assignment? We are happy to help! Simply request a no-obligation quote and we will make sure that a cost indication is in your mailbox as soon as possible.

Printer storage

Printers create logistical challenges that we also encounter in other industries. For example, the equipment in data centres such as UPS systems, PDU panels, data storage systems, server cabinets, data centre cooling systems, telecommunication cabinets and the connection and arrangement of cubes and cold aisles, have identical challenges. At Rollema we find safe transport of equipment an interesting logistic challenge. Will you challenge us?


Do you have questions about pre-installation, transport or configuration of printers? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to draw up a plan with you.

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